How there was the American short-haired cat?

How there was the American short-haired cat?
The American short-haired cat it is possible to carry to the category of natives of the USA as this breed for the first time appeared here several centuries ago. It is considered that pilgrims on Meyflauer could deliver it. How actually there was the American short-haired cat?

The cat with short wool was not recognized in America as breed up to one thousand nine-hundredth. This cat was very well able to catch mice and other rodents therefore she could be met near big ranches or farms.

Gradually breed got stronger and soon the cat turned into the American short-haired breed as in the one thousand nine-hundredth and one thousand nine hundred first the first representative of this breed was for the first time registered.

However experts were mistaken and registered as a short-haired American cat not that breed. Actually, only in one thousand nine hundred fourth the real representative of the American short-haired cat – a cat, with a nickname Brown Basseterre which possessed a smoky-black color was registered. This cat also headed a dynasty of breed of the American short-haired cat.