How to collect the simple robot

How to collect the simple robot

Creation of such difficult device is represented, at first sight, almost impossible. However if to show sharpness, quite really to create the robot from a make-shift and in house conditions.

It is required to you

- computer mouse (ball, not optical);
- audio cassette;
- light-emitting diode;
- electrolytic condenser;
- battery;
- diskette;
- transistor;
- resistor;
- electric motor;
- switch.

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At first sort a mouse and take from her all available details and elements: the plastic case has to remain absolutely empty. From a chip it is necessary to pull out only two details, namely: transparent white with metal sockets and the plastic black. Pay attention that the first detail is at a plastic gear, and the second - at a cable exit, on the right. More this chip is not useful to you, can throw out it.

Now take the audio cassette. In it small coils on which the magnetic tape is reeled up will be necessary for you. They will intend for wheels of future robot. Get them from the cartridge and turn into tires: simply wind each wheel with a strip of the rubber which is previously greased with glue.

The following necessary detail - DPDT 5V. It is necessary to solder wires to it: to orange contact - an orange wire, and to yellow - blue. Then attach other detail to it - 2N3904. Take the plastic black detail taken from the mouse case, the electrolytic condenser and the resistor and solder them everything together.

In sidewalls of a computer mouse it is necessary to cut out openings and to paste there electric motors. Do not forget that both wheels with rubber tires have to be put on axes of electric motors. Further drill three more openings, this time - in the top part of the case that is where earlier buttons settled down. Besides, one opening is required also from back part of the case.

Solder those two transparent details that you took from a chip, to wires, and the resistor - to the light-emitting diode established on average an opening in forward part of a mouse. Further it is necessary to connect two earlier soldered sensors to a light-emitting diode, and to insert the switch into a back wall of the case.

Connect the battery and the switch, and also a light-emitting diode and sensors, and then connect the lower part of the case with top, surely solder them. To forward part it is possible to paste a piece of plastic from a diskette, thereby having represented a bumper. Now try to include the robot and to test its work.