How to store mountain skiing

How to store mountain skiing

In order that mountain skiing served you not one season, it is necessary to look after them correctly. It is especially important good to clear them after winter and to meet all storage conditions. Modern skis from plastic do not wear out more long, than wooden, however all the same their maximum term of wear makes 8 years at continuous use. Not to reduce service life of mountain skis, carefully prepare them for preservation for the summer.

It is required to you

- paper napkin;
- tooth-powder or liquid ammonia;
- damp and dry rag;
- aerosol greasing;
- paper or newspapers;
- paraffin;
- the ointment interfering formation of a rust;
- special bag.

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For a start it is necessary to wipe all alpine skiing equipment to remove dirt. It is possible to do it by a paper napkin which needs to be moistened in solution of simple tooth-powder and liquid ammonia. It will help not only to clear dirt, but also to polish a surface of skis. However professionals advise to use special means, as a part of which the essential oils preventing drying of a surface of skis.


After that it is necessary to wipe skis at first the damp rag moistened in water, and then the dry. By means of special solvent to remove ointment from the sliding surface.


Wipe accurately fastenings. During a long summer break it is necessary to store in driving of fastening opened, having installed regulators in the weakest situation. Such way will help to keep their elasticity. Grease fastenings with aerosol greasing. Just in case can write down that mean indicators of fastenings.


Internal boots need to be taken out, well to stretch, then to dry after that fill paper or newspapers, it will help to absorb excess moisture. From external boots wash away all dirt, insert into them the dried-up internal boots, again fill paper (it will allow to keep the necessary form), clasp buckles.


Process the sliding ski surface. It is very important point. It is made of porous plastic which absorbs the smallest particles of dirt and dust. It is necessary to cover all sliding ski surface with paraffin which interferes with hit of oxygen and oxidizing reaction. Skilled mountain skiers do it by means of the special iron which melts and smoothes paraffin.


Clear and grind edgings. Even if you rode a little, all of them equally became blunted. After that also rub edgings with ointment which interferes with emergence of a rust.


Clean ski equipment in such place where there are no temperature drops where low humidity and the main thing – is not present hit of sunshine. The loggia or a balcony for this purpose do not approach. It is best of all to put them in a dark closet or the storeroom. Store skis not connected, socks up. Place boots in a special bag.