Signs and amulets how to allure a money

Signs and amulets how to allure a money

Nobody denies that money needs to be earned. Silly to hope for falling from the suitcase sky with one million dollars – any dance with a tambourine of such rain will not cause. However some share of fatalism is present at each of us and it is sometimes pleasant to make a real trifle which, perhaps, will remind the highest forces of your need for money.

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Classical amulet for an appeal of money is Buddha. The small figure of the laughing heavy person looks charmingly as an interior element. The legend says that if regularly to stroke a figurine on a stomach – the happiness and money will fill your life. And, the figurine is more expensive, the better it "works".

Treat expenditure more carefully. For example, there is a sign forbidding any purchases in the pay day. If finance in full strength does not spend the night at your place, "will not get used" to it and can move off in searches of already spent notes – that is, to leave the house. The largest banknote, besides, it is offered to store houses for a year or longer time: it will exclude a situation, extreme and dangerous to a karma, when "money in the house is not present".

Make money an interior element. The problem of lack of finance in the house can be solved and in more extravagant way, having built something from them. It can be everything, on what the imagination will be enough for you: for example, the bottle filled with ten-kopeck coins from under champagne. As the option – can be bought a frame and to make something like application. If skills allow - try to collect installation. As a last resort simply buy a miniatuyurny fontanchik at the bottom of which the trifle hill will lie.

Money demands the polite attitude towards themselves. Get expensive purse and never store banknotes in a pocket where they will be rumpled and spoil. To similarly previous point put there the note which is forbidden to be spent.

Do not forget about classical national signs. Do not take in head to whistle indoors. Any remains of food from a table should be collected accurately in a rag and to throw out in a bucket, but not to brush away negligent gesture in any way. The brush (or a broom) needs to be overturned the fluffed-up party up. Never store checks, "happy" tickets or other mentions of expenditure in a purse.