How to paint a cast disk

How to paint a cast disk

Your rims can have design, a form or something else, very much to you pleasant. But if the disk wore out, and paint of the beginning from it to get down, it will need to be put in order, differently all estheticism spoils. Simply to solve a problem of painting of cast disks if to give them to a workshop. Nevertheless, it is possible to save means, having painted disks independently especially as for this purpose it is not necessary to have any outstanding abilities.

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At first the disk needs to be cleared and washed up very carefully. It is possible and even it is necessary to use a toothbrush, laundry detergent, soap, a cleaner.


But there is more to come. Before painting it is necessary to polish and polish qualitatively chips, scratches, releases of paint and other damages of a covering. Than to grind and polish – to choose to you. The main thing that the surface was smoothed qualitatively out and polished. At this stage also more serious damages of a disk also improve (scratches from blocks, dents and so on).


Then clear the cast disk of dust and other raid which was formed in the course of cleaning of a surface and degrease. It is possible to make it any solvent. After use of the degreasing means establish a disk on a building berth or on something, it reminding (for example, a bucket).


Now it is possible to start priming of a disk. On four pieces primer about a liter will leave if to cover disks in three layers. Do not forget to grind each new layer of a primer, before drawing the following (where it will be required). Paint should be applied also in three layers. Using a spray paint, keep in mind that it is necessary to find optimum distance of dispersion that paint did not go bubbles and did not spread. About 50-60 cm will be quite enough. Each new paint coat at emergence of potek and bubbles needs to be smoothed out. For this purpose the fine-grained emery paper will fit.


After painting and its final drying the varnish is put. It too should be put in three layers. As you can see, independently not so difficult, simply it demands to paint a cast disk fair patience. However you will be able to save thus some sum of money.