How to find and remove a trojan

How to find and remove a trojan

The main objective of the anti-virus software – to prevent penetration of harmful files into system. But if it after all happened, it is necessary to use the utilities allowing to find and remove virus files.

It is required to you

- Dr.WEb CureIt.

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For a start use means of removal of malicious software. This utility is built in the Windows operating system. Open the Start-up menu and pass to the Execute point. Wait for opening of a new window and enter the mrt.exe team. Press the Enter key. After opening of the new menu specify Full Scanning option and press the Further button. Confirm start of the utility. This process can take a lot of time because search of the infected files will be executed in all folders of the hard drive.

If the described utility did not cope with an objective, use the anti-virus program installed on your computer. Open its menu and update virus bases. It will allow to reveal bigger number of the infected files.

Pass into the Scanning menu and activate this process. Specify local disks which contents are required to be checked. Most often the system section of the winchester is exposed to infection.

Use the program intended for fast scanning of system files of the computer. Open the http://www and download the utility of CureIt from there.

Start the downloaded exe-file. Scanning of the computer will begin automatically. Stop it and pass into the Control menu. Set exact parameters of verification of system files. Again start the program and wait for completion of its work. If the utility found the infected files, but could not remove them, execute this procedure independently. Study the file location, allocate it and press the Shift and Delete keys.

Some files cannot be removed because of use with other appendices. Start system in the safe mode and repeat attempt of removal of virus files.