How to be if in your company human rights are regularly violated?

How to be if in your company human rights are regularly violated?
In some firms the petty tyranny of the management does not know a limit. Not only that work is conducted on "sudorific system", so also human rights are regularly violated. Being afraid to draw upon itself anger of the chief, employees try not to notice frankly unfair relation.

Original dress the code can demand that the male employee got rid of moustaches and a beard, and the woman had a certain clothing size.

There is nothing bad in "trimbilding", but sometimes, wishing to rally collective, the administration every weekend the lasagna on trees or eating of larvae on speed arranges for employees joint. The case when, submitting to the order of the chief is known, all top managers of one of major companies one fine day amicably flew up on paraplanes. A result – the broken extremities and long stay in hospital.

In some firms the administration wishes that employees before the working day chorus executed the special anthem. If do not wish to glorify collectively yogurt cultures or to extol consulting, it makes sense to talk to the chief. Try to convince him that lack of a voice and hearing prevents you to take part in "production practises". If, having appeared before a choice, to lose the valuable employee or to lose a voice in the general chorus the chief will choose the first, think, whether it is worth working in such company.