How to open detective agency

How to open detective agency

Services of detective agencies are in great demand today. The shortcoming of such organizations is felt even. If you decided to meet this lack, learn that is necessary for opening of own agency.

It is required to you

- constituent and allowing documents;
- office;
- equipment;
- employees.

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Any business begins with registration of the individual enterprise or limited liability company in tax authorities and obtaining the license. That to obtain this license, references from the psychiatrist and the expert in narcology will be necessary for you.


Get or rent the room under office. Equip it with necessary office equipment and buy the camera with a good lens. By the way, to use various "espionage features" the law does not allow – for direct invasion into private life criminal penalty is prescribed. All tools of the detective are polls, photographing, supervision.


Gather staff. Look for them among the former law enforcement officers. Also people with actor's education will approach – similar work demands time of possession of transformation art.


If you the pathfinder without experience before opening agency, settle, for example, in any teleproject. Detectives are necessary for such projects for search of people for whom friends or relatives search.
Read books how to conduct search. Similar literature is now very widespread.
When opening detective agency not superfluous will be a legal education.


Accurately obey the letter of the law, differently it is possible to lose the license very easily.