How to put on on a celebration

How to put on on a celebration

There are events (corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) on which it is necessary to look elegantly and pertinently. And it is very important to learn to select the corresponding dress with taste.

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One of the most universal dresses for women in which it is possible to be in almost any society, is, of course, the suit. It can be both a trouser suit, and option with a skirt or a strict dress. Current trends of a cut of suits allow to put on them without blouse. Respectively, once you only add stylish effective jewelry, and it is possible to go safely from work directly on a corporate celebration or, for example, on appointment.


Cocktail dresses so actual in recent years as well as possible will be suitable for evening actions (campaigns in restaurant, discos, etc.). And here the long evening dress should be reserved for especially solemn occasions.


In search of a dress for a celebration it is worth stopping the choice on more modest evening dress, differently his owner risks to look vulgar and inappropriate.


The solemn etiquette did not pass also men's suits. And requirements which are imposed to dresses of men, are much more strict than similar requirements for women.


For official actions (diplomatic receptions, the international meetings, cultural events, economic or scientific symposiums) there is a number of strict instructions concerning a cut of a suit and possible accessories.


So, to a suit for a celebration surely there have to correspond the white shirt, black shoes and black socks. Necessary attribute of a festive suit is the corner of a white scarf which is looking out of a breast pocket of a jacket. Though in summertime of year of concept of a strict suit and the accompanying attributes become simpler a little. The black suit can quite be replaced light with the shoes which are picked up in tone to a suit. To the combined options of suits usually also put on a white shirt with double cuffs and a tie in tone to a jacket.


Of course, for less formal receptions it is possible to put on not so strictly. Special requirements in a choice of color of a shirt and suit are not present, everything depends on flavoring preferences of the man. But many remain are faithful always to a white shirt which approaches any suit and any celebration.