How to make an electronic clock

How to make an electronic clock

In spite of the fact that an electronic clock today - not deficiency, some house masters and continue to build today own. Certainly, they make hours of such designs which in shops do not meet.

It is required to you

Details for assembly of hours
Payment or materials and the tool for its production
Soldering iron, solder and neutral gumboil
The case or materials and the tool for its production
Screw-driver, nippers, passatizh
Programmator compatible to ATMEGA8515
The computer, the USB converter - RS-232
Power supply

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There are many designs of the electronic clock which is specially intended for production by house masters. One of interesting development in this area is Sputnix. Documentation these hours extends by the principle of Open Hardware, and the insertion - by the principle of Open Source, however, the license chosen by the author forbids to sell the made watch. Thus, the author is not engaged in trade in sets for assembly of hours, but accepts donations of any volume.


Come on the site into the section BOM (Bill Of Materials) and download the list of details for production of hours. Independently solve what of them can be replaced with analogs. Perhaps, you already have many of these details, in this case, your expenses considerably will be cut down. Get other components.


Choose, whether you will mount hours on the printed-circuit board or hinged installation. If the first is chosen, a payment it is possible to produce by that method which is the most convenient for you, or to order in specialized firm - all files necessary for this purpose are available on the site. Everything depends on your opportunities and preferences.


Mount all details, except the microcontroller. Establish the last in a programmator and write down in it the loader and an insertion. Seal the microcontroller in a payment. Further, thanks to existence of the loader, you will be able to update an insertion without its vypayka, through the port which is built in in hours. Programmator thus is also not required to you.


Carefully check installation. Buy or assemble the power supply for hours. Include hours - they have to earn. Carefully, not to concern high-voltage chains on a payment, determine by buttons the current time.


As hours contain high-voltage chains, the case is obligatory. What it will be, depends on your opportunities. It is possible to buy the ready case, it is possible to produce by its method, independently preferable to you, and from materials, preferable to you, it is possible to order it, as well as a payment, in specialized firm. In all cases, it has to have a transparent insert or openings for indicators. The ready case for this purpose, perhaps, should be finished.


Having finished work on hours, determine them in such place of the room that and to your relatives it was convenient to you to look at them.