How to connect the ATM

How to connect the ATM

The ATM represents a software and hardware complex which is intended for the automated receiving and delivery of cash. All operations happen to use of payment cards or without them. Connection of the ATM is made in a certain sequence.

It is required to you

- ATM;
- software;
- modem and other equipment.

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Connection of the ATM includes a set of various aspects: connection to processing, rent of a place under the ATM, ATM communication services with processing, protection and other similar services.

Connection of the ATM can be made via GSM modems. In this case GSM modems connect to the ATM and to a network of the processing center through a router then work proceeds on standard Dial-Up to connection. Advantage of such connection – security of a traffic and simplicity of implementation of the project, and a shortcoming – the high cost of connection.

Perhaps as well connection of the ATM via the GPRS modem. At realization of this way the ATM is connected to the processing center through Internet. Advantage of this method of connection consists that thanks to the package protocol of data transmission it is possible to support continuous connection of the ATM with a host, and thus to pay only a real traffic.

Connection can be also carried out by means of the universal communication CITYNET SYSTEM VRSION 3 server. As a rule, this way of connection of ATMs is used in large shopping centers and hypermarkets. It is possible to begin with several POS terminals which quantity gradually increases.

After installation of ATMs and connection to them of the corresponding communication equipment the special software is established. So, the communication CITYNET SYSTEM VRSION 3 server functions on the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP platform.

The software can be established both on the NT ATM computer, and on the separate specialized computer. To connect the POS terminal to SV.3, asynchronous multiport adapters are installed.