What to do if the child choked

What to do if the child choked

Small children constantly pull small subjects in a mouth. Therefore cases when they choke are frequent. If it happened, keep calm and immediately call the ambulance. And meanwhile try to help independently the kid, but act very quickly.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What to Do if the Child Choked" How to carry the child in "kangaroo" How to close cases from children How to define that mix does not suit the child For a start ask the baby to cough properly. Perhaps, in this case with what it choked, will come to light. If the kid clears the throat, but it does not help, start resolute actions. It is necessary to remove urgently the foreign matter which got stuck in his airways.

The small child put to yourself on a hand facedown. His head has to be below, than a trunk. Other hand, the palm basis, several times in a row strongly slap the kid between shovels. Check, whether there was no alien subject airways. If it started moving, try to get it from a throat fingers. But be very careful, do not push deep into!

If anything it is impossible, try to turn the child on a back and put to him on a breast two fingers. Quickly and strongly press a breast, vdyvlivy it on 1-2 centimeters inside and at once allowing to finish. Do not take away fingers after each pressing.

At this time let relatives once again will call in ambulance and will be convinced that the crew left on a call. And you meanwhile alternately make pats on a back of the victim and pressings his thorax. If the kid fainted, do him an artificial respiration of companies in a mouth and indirect massage of heart.

To do an artificial respiration if the kid breathes independently, by no means it is impossible. That airways remained open, the chin of the victim should be held in vertical situation. The baby can blow air at the same time into a nose and a mouth. If the child absolutely small, do not blow too much air: his lungs can not sustain such volume. Give to air the chance to leave, taking away the lips from lips of the kid after inflation.

Not to put the child at risk to choke, try not to give to the small child small subjects, nuts, sunflower seeds and sugar candies. Constantly look after the kid.