How to issue walls in kitchen

How to issue walls in kitchen

About decoration of the walls in kitchen it is necessary to start suspecting repair stages. The distance between suspended boxes and floor cases needs to be decorated at once so that then it was easy to wash away dirty splashes from a surface. Even in the smallest kitchen there will be a separate zone for meal. A wall which has a dining table, make accent. Paste over it or paint in the most original way. Further, you will need only to decorate kitchen walls pleasant trifles.

It is required to you

- ceramic tile
- plaster
- vinyl wall-paper
- pieces of beautiful wall-paper
- textiles
- panel
- photos
- kitchen utensils
- decorative plates
- banks and bottles of beautiful forms
- decorative elements on self-bonding

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The apron over a working zone not only protects walls from dirt, but also is a bright spot in a dress of kitchen walls. Lay out a working zone a wall tile. The tile can be both color, and monophonic. Use inserts from tiles with drawing.

If you do not want to spread a tile, issue a kitchen apron decorative panels or the tempered glass. Under the tempered glass to a pokleyta a wall beautiful wall-paper or textiles. Glass will protect material from a soot and drops of fat.


Well the combination of different material at decoration of the walls looks. If all walls are painted or pasted over with monophonic wall-paper, decorate a lunch zone with original wall-paper with large drawing or impressive plaster. Use in finishing of kitchen vinyl wall-paper, they stronger. The polluted places can be wiped not only a sponge, but also a brush. Cover impressive plaster with a special varnish that kept more strong.


Decorate walls photos with macroshooting of fruit or vegetables. In photos rural or sea landscapes can be also represented. Over a lunch zone arrange a panel or original hours. You can make a panel of natural elements. Use cockleshells, sukhotsveta, beautiful stones. Apply dry macaroni, haricot, peas to production of self-made panels. If you are able to mold, it is possible to decorate kitchen with the pictures made of salty dough.


Strengthen small shelves on which you will be able to establish ceramic figures, glass bottles or banks of a beautiful form on walls. Fill bottles or banks with various bulks. Place in bank layers haricot, peas, lentil, close a cover, from above close a slice of fabric and tie a ribbon.


Attach hooks on which it is possible to hang up porcelain or ceramic plates, the polished copper ware, flowers in a cache-pot or flower compositions on walls. Volume elements have to settle down not under way and to be in harmony with a situation in kitchen.