How to send SMS to Russia

How to send SMS to Russia

Being outside Russia, it is possible to contact the relatives by the mobile phone, having used roaming. But calls in that case will run into money. It is possible to save on communication, sending SMS messages to Russia.

It is required to you

- the mobile phone with positive balance on the account;
- Internet access.

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Type the message on the mobile phone and send it to the customer address dialed in the international format. In this case before a set directly customer addresses enter a country code. Send SMS to Russia, using a prefix +7.

At possibility of Internet access send a free Sms to the subscriber of the operator of MTS if you use services of the same company. Open the operator's site. Find in the section "Often Are Required" and click on the link "Send SMS/MMS". Enter the phone number and number of that subscriber to whom you want to send the message. Print the message.

Over the Further button read, what test image should be selected, and press it. Click the Further button. Enter the confirmation code received on your cell phone and click on "to Send". Press on "To update the status" to learn, your message is in process of sending or is delivered to the subscriber.

For sending the SMS to Russia to the subscriber of "MegaFon", open the site of the operator and press the picture under the green menu "Send the SMS". Enter customer address, having chosen a code (926 or another) from the dropping-out list, print the message and enter captcha confirmation code. If necessary put a tick near "To include a transliteration". Press "to Send". You will also be able to watch the status of the message.

Send the text message to the subscriber "Beeline" from the corresponding page of the site of the operator. Enter phone number of the subscriber without +7, press the message. If near an inscription "To transform Cyrillic symbols in Latin" there is a tick, 140 entered symbols will be sent to the subscriber in the form of a transliteration. Enter a code from the picture and press "to Send". Track the status of the message, having clicked on the corresponding link after sending.

Contact by means of the SMS the subscriber of "Tele2". Open the site of the operator and  as the region choose "Tele2 Rossiya". Thumb through the page a little down, find the reference "Send the SMS" and press it. Enter phone number, having chosen a code from the dropping-out list, fill the field "Text of the Message" and print figures from the picture confirmation. Press "to Send".

If you are registered on a social network of "VKontakte", send the message from the appendix. Enter the account, if necessary having confirmed the personality input of the last figures of phone number or sending a code. Press the section "Games" in the top menu.

Enter the name into search. Load and establish the application on the page. Enter phone number in a format 7xxxxxxx, print the message. When writing the Russian text 38 symbols with gaps are available to you, at a set transcast — 108. Press "to Send". In day you can send no more than 10 free messages.