How to dress the child on the Kremlin fir-tree

How to dress the child on the Kremlin fir-tree

Children wait for approach of New year with big impatience. For them this holiday is associated with a beautiful and fluffy fir-tree, decoration of the house, opportunity to see Father Frost and to receive long-awaited gifts. At this time many children prepare for morning performances and evenings which pass in all preschool and educational institutions. However some lucky manage to visit the most important fir-tree of the country - Kremlin.

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That the child differed from all in the carnival costume, mothers do not use the special efforts now. Everything is reduced to favourite animated heroes in whom they dress up children. At boys the heroes possessing superabilities are especially loved. However if you are not able to afford to buy the superhero's suit, make it the hands. The main attributes are a mask and a raincoat, it is possible to add with a hat. The popular movie about the pirate Jack Sparrow is everywhere copied and will be popular on New Year's representation. Especially it is possible to make it the hands. Do not forget about a piracy make-up.

Those who already happened on similar action, can advise to dress the child so that it was not is a pity to tear clothes. The matter is that in turmoil which reigns, after representation and there at the time of receiving gifts, children can, being pushed, unintentionally to tear clothes. It is natural that provident parents prefer to put on on the child practical jeans and a shirt, even on the girl. However, if your child differs in special accuracy, you do not worry for damage of clothes, can dress up him in any carnival costume.

Besides clothes, colourful and convenient for the child, it is worth paying attention to footwear separately. Be not afraid of that your child will forget to change the shoes and will run out to you (if it is a morning or day fir-tree) in sandals or shoes. They are under supervision of organizers and undressed nobody will go outside. Therefore select footwear under a carnival costume with such account that it was not only beautiful, but convenient. If your child is small and he needs the help to change clothes of footwear, more senior children, school students who are invited for this purpose specially will help with it.