How to remember the read text

How to remember the read text

Some people try to remember the text, re-reading it again and again. Such process which in the people is called as cramming, does not bring big benefit. The brain simply is tired of mechanical work, and all efforts are nullified. There are more interesting and effective ways to remember the read.

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Provide a situation, comfortable for reading. The turned-on TV, a musical background and talk on foreign subjects will interfere with your attempts to learn the text. It is better to find a secluded place, more convenient to sit down, to fence off itself from foreign sounds and to start reading.

Read the most important texts when your brain works best of all. For most of people this time is morning. But there is a category of people at whom working capacity and attentiveness increases, on the contrary, by the evening. Listen to the biorhythms and will choose the most productive time for training.

Read the text attentively, without distracting on foreign thoughts. Try to move forward eyes only, without coming back to the earlier read – such pereskok only disseminate attention. In the course of reading allocate main and minor, new and already known.

Copy the text by hand, if it small. In this case you connect one more type of memory – motor, and it will help to remember the read much quicker. If the text big, write out its main theses, make the scheme, the table or even draw to it an illustration. The more creativity you show when storing the text, the this process will be more effective.

Retell the text to somebody. Even if your house will not want to listen to detailed answers to 30 examination cards on economy, knowledge can share with a cat. Do not hesitate of sidelong glances. The main thing for you – to activate memory mechanisms, and retelling of information by the own words considerably will improve its understanding and storing.

Discuss read with somebody, especially if this work of art. Here a cat not to manage - more return is required. If among your environment there are no the people familiar with the text, share impressions at a forum. It will help to get to like literally the text and to remember it for long time, and not just for session or conference.