How to prepare idle time salatik with chicken fillet?

How to prepare idle time salatik with chicken fillet?
Gentle and easy salatik remarkably will be suitable for a dinner. For it it is possible to use any chicken meat, not only fillet.

That is required for preparation

300 – 400 grams of boiled chicken meat
Three eggs
Two fresh cucumbers
One apple
100 grams of cheese
Fennel bunch


Eggs to boil and rub on a large grater. From apple to cut off a thin skin, to grate apple on a large grater. On a small grater to grate cheese. Cucumbers together with a thin skin we rub on a large grater, excess juice is merged, differently salad will turn out watery.
Chicken meat has to be cold (or room temperature) if to add hot meat to salad, taste of ready salad will worsen.
We mix chicken, cheese, eggs, apple, cucumbers, we dress with mayonnaise to taste. We strew with small cut greens of fennel and at once we give to a table.
Gas station can be made of sour cream or of yogurt. It is possible to add to the swept-away gas station a little prepared mustard and hot pepper – salad will have more saturated taste.
For a change it is possible not to rub cucumbers and apple on a grater, and to cut in cubes – it will turn out crackling salatik and there will be no so much juice.