How to soften a rubber lace

How to soften a rubber lace

The rubber lace is an excellent addition to any pendent chosen by you or a suspension bracket. Owners of such lace can be sure for all hundred percent that they will never lose the favourite ornament. The lace so dense that will not tear under no circumstances, and the small and convenient fastener will not be undone in itself. It is only possible to carry to its only shortcoming that at long and misuse rubber hardens and can take the form, not really convenient for you. But you should not be upset and run behind a new product, after all it can be softened independently.

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Undo a fastener of a lace and accurately take off from it the ornament as it does not need to be subjected to any procedures. Again clasp a fastener.

Pour a little gasoline in a small bowl. In case of its absence it is possible to use kerosene. For some time place a lace in capacity with liquid. That the result proved much quicker – cover capacity.

After a while get a lace from liquid, rinse it under warm water and carefully wipe a dry towel. After that the lace is again ready to use.

As other method use heating.
Take the ordinary or construction hair dryer. Put a lace on an equal, smooth surface and start warming it the hair dryer. Only do not bring it too close to a product and constantly watch a condition of temperature. Heating over 85 degrees leads to full loss of a form of a product and rubber spreads. Warm gradually, for this purpose take the hair dryer included about three or five minutes, switch off it, make a minute pause and again include for a warming up.

Use the special steam generator. At its application elastic properties of rubber are restored approximately for 80-90 percent.

Soften rubber by means of the boiling water. Not to lower a gold fastener in water undertake a lace nippers and take its some time over water. Steam gradually will start heating rubber which as a result will be partially softened.