How to send SMS from phone

How to send SMS from phone

In our modern life it is already difficult to present the adult without cell phone. What to speak, even children and elderly people use cellular communication!
SMS is convenient to that if, for example, there is no balance on phone for a call (and, as a rule, the call is always more expensive than SMS), it is possible to use a SMS message. If you cannot speak in any situation, and time is not present to wait, or at you the voice (that too happens), besides was gone, SMS comes to the rescue. If you in roaming in other country or in other city, from where to call very expensively, in a SMS message, you can always transfer the necessary text.
So, as to make it:

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We come into the menu of phone.


We find: "Messages".


We press: "To write" or "The new message" (depending on phone model).


We write the text (that you would like to transfer or tell other subscriber).


We press: "To send", or we choose in options: "To send". If you wishIf you wish that the message also remained in your phone, it is necessary to press: "To keep and send".


We enter phone number manually or we choose the subscriber in "Telephone directory" ("Names").


We press "OK".
Your SMS is sent.