How to fight against a zernovka

How to fight against a zernovka
You perfectly worked the whole summer on the site and reaped a rich crop. But here trouble! Peas and haricot start being filled with small bugs, and seeds become unsuitable neither for landing, nor for the use in food. Vina to all this misfortune is the wrecker with whom it is necessary to conduct careful fight. So, how to fight against a zernovka?

The main wreckers of peas and haricot are pea and bean zernovka.
Symptoms of infection of peas with a zernovka - entrance openings through which larvae get into seeds. The size of these openings is 0,3 - 0,5 mm, a form round, color from yellow to black, often well visible with the naked eye.

Larvae of a bean zernovka leave entrance openings on a surface of seeds of diameters of 0,1-0,3 mm. (hardly noticeable with the naked eye).
The biology of bean and pea zernovka is various, in one seed of haricot, even the small size, some individuals, in one pea - only one can develop normally. Therefore on peas there is one entrance opening, on their haricot a little through which in a seed takes root on some larvae. The size of these openings very small - is less than edge of a usual pin therefore it is difficult to find them. Development of the wrecker proceeds in a seed.

Effectively to fight against bugs and zernovka in house conditions it is extremely difficult.
But it is possible to use the old recipe. The grains of peas infected with a zernovka pour out in a pan, a bucket or other capacity with very cold water. The damaged grains emerge, and healthy (heavier) sink.
Storage of grain products is considered at a temperature of 10-12 ° most expedient. At a low temperature in the infected grain development of wreckers is late (at such temperature the otkladka of eggs stops, individuals become inactive and almost do not eat, long stay in such environment leads to their gradual death.

For pest control it is possible to use not only low, but also high temperatures.
Thermal disinsection - a radical way of destruction of a zernovka for what seeds bean, intended for the food purposes, heat to 50-55-60 °C. Thus larvae and dolls perish respectively in 125, 80, 45 minutes. Bugs out of grain are most sensitive, at the same temperatures they perish, for 50, 10 and even 20 minutes.

Zernovki easily extend with the imported production, sowing material.
Preventive actions for fight from a pea and bean zernovkama are: preseeding processing of seeds, change of cultures on the sites intended under crops, deep redigging of the soil towards the winter, early crops and systematic loosening of the soil, weeding.