How to divide a tea mushroom

How to divide a tea mushroom

The tea mushroom - this an organism a little strange by sight, is familiar to much. Still quite recently (only couple tens years ago) it was used very widely in the preventive purposes and it is simple for receiving tasty house drink. Division of a tea mushroom - the main way of its cultivation, reproduction, and at times and treatment.

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For a start solve, whether you need to divide the tea mushroom right now. If your pet still absolutely young also has small thickness, it is improbable that you will be able to divide him, without injuring. After similar operation the tea mushroom far will start carrying out not at once the functions in full.

At good leaving and favorable conditions of keeping the tea mushroom quickly enough grows. Over time you will notice that your fairly grown stout pet starts being stratified slightly at the edges. Do not pinch off at all and do not cut a mushroom. Accurately, trying not to injure, divide it into horizontal plates in stratification places. Place each layer in a separate can and fill in with nutritious solution. You receive at once some full-fledged adult copies of a tea mushroom. However, drink dates of receipt at first will increase a little. The mass of each copy which turned out as a result of division is much less than a weight of a maternal mushroom, on a pererabatyvaniye of nutritious solution more time will leave. However, it not for a long time.

Owners of a tea mushroom can see sometimes that their pet for the unclear reasons fell by a bottom and does not emerge. After a while from its surface the thin, transparent film separates. It is a new tea mushroom. Accurately transfer it to separate capacity. Soon enough this thin plenochka will turn into a full-fledged tea mushroom. With good reason it is possible to call such way of reproduction division, only there is it without foreign intervention.

At negligent care the surface of a tea mushroom can be injured. If you noticed brown spots or a brown film on a body of your pet, so he is sick and needs the urgent help. Try as it is possible to separate more accurately the top damaged layer as (if damages considerable) intake of oxygen in a body of a mushroom is complicated, and it can be lost. In this case division has no relation to cultivation and reproduction. The top damaged layer is impractical, and its removal has the purpose treatment of the most tea mushroom.