How to celebrate Easter with colleagues

How to celebrate Easter with colleagues

It is necessary to prepare for day of Easter in advance. By church rules before such important holiday it is necessary to adhere to a seven-week post. This time of spiritual clarification and repentance. In each family the traditions of carrying out Easter, but much this day should work.

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Even if you in the morning need to get up for work, surely descend in church. Easter church service begins exactly at midnight and lasts till the morning. It cardinally differs from standard church services as it is filled with light, pleasure and festive mood.

In advance prepare dishes for an easter entertainment at work. Buy or bake Easter cakes and Easter according to the grandmother's recipe. This main decoration of a table. From dough mold a cross and decorate with it hats of the baked products. Also water them with house glaze and plentifully strew with multi-colored crumbs.

Thrust in pastries red candles or branches of the consecrated willow as it is accepted in some families. On a dish for Easter cakes put color paper or linen napkins. It is possible to prepare cottage cheese Easter also. Your efforts by all means will estimate at work and will be immensely grateful for such tasty entertainment.

Paint eggs: it is possible an onions peel in boiled water or the multi-colored special dyes bought in shop. Or paint them by means of a thin brush, gouache or a water color. One more easy and fast way – to paste over with special stickers. Beautifully, simply and well at the price!

Actually festive recipes weight. The main thing - to consecrate food and then in all sincerity to treat all. Put all products in a wattled basket and decorate it with the embroidered bench hammer.

Instead of usual greetings at work address to colleagues with words "Christ revived!". In reply they have to tell: "Truly revived!". Besides, it is accepted to kiss each other three times.

Prepare small easter gifts for employees: the colored and consecrated eggs, and also specially baked small Easter cakes (such mini-products it is best of all to prepare in the enameled circles).

Without favourite and popular easter game it is difficult to present this spring holiday. The tradition "means to clink glasses with eggs" with each other. Two take abruptly cooked eggs and clink blunt or their sharp end.