How to make correct rezyume

How to make correct rezyume

By search get prettier works as an important step drawing up the summary is. Becomes the purpose of this document not only the report of information, but also attraction of initial attention to the applicant. Competently made and beautifully issued summary will give good odds to the competitor at a choice of new employees the employer.

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Ask for the help the expert who will be able to help with drawing up the summary. As assistants the staff of recruitment agency, and also online consultants on the sites forming bases of employers and competitors can act. Prepare necessary documents: the service record, diplomas about education, awards, certificates and distinctions.


If you decided to create independently the summary, break the text into some points. At first fill in personal information (a surname, a name and a middle name, phone, the fax, e-mail, the address). If you have a nationality of other country, or you have no continuous registration in the city of the employer, write about it as for employment it can be the important fact.


Specify the name of positions for which you apply. It is best of all if it are similar specialties. For strongly differing positions issue different summaries.


List the organizations in which you worked earlier (since the last place of work, specify a company name, your position and briefly describe the carried-out duties). Write down dates of reception and leaving (the reasons and articles of dismissal you should not describe, it can be discussed on interview). Bring information only over the last 10 years. If in your biography there is an experience of very short relationship with the employer, it is better not to mention these facts of labor life.


Write about education. Give full names of educational institutions and specialties, do not forget about additional educations and courses.


Place additional information on yourself. It can be possibility of moving to other city or the country, readiness for business trips, existence of the driving license or the medical book, knowledge of computer programs and foreign language skills. List key, in your opinion, personal qualities which can interest the employer.


If the company to which you file documents, demands to attach the photo, arrange a small photo (for example, 3*4 or 4*5 cm if the bigger size is not stipulated in requirements to a portfolio) in the top corner of the summary.


Check a punctuation and spelling, analyse style of writing and estimate a general view of the issued summary. Do not forget that the first impression – the most important and if your letter drew attention and caused interest in the employer, having disposed it to personal meeting, so the summary was made competently and professionally.