How to spin pictures on baubles

How to spin pictures on baubles

The beaded bauble is an excellent gift to friends, and still it gains big identity when you vypletat on a bauble a beautiful pattern or an ornament, and also alphabetic combinations – initials of the friend or other person to whom you give a bauble, or his name. To Vypletat on beaded bracelets patterns and letters not so difficult as it seems at first sight – you will be able to do it even with initial skills of beadwork.

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To weave an equal cloth with a uniform pattern, take on a thread with a beaded needle seven biserin the necessary color and pass a needle throughout every second biserina, forming a chain mosaic. Then string one more biserina on a needle and pass a needle through the second from it a bead, beginning the following number of a bracelet.


Continue to string biserinka and to pass a needle through every the second acting biserina of the previous row. Having reached the end of a row, pass to weaving of the following, beginning it from below up.


Continue to spin the subsequent ranks serially from top to down and from below up. You can vary patterns in this technique of weaving, proceeding from ready schemes – a vypletayta beads of contrast colors zigzags, points, strips and other simple ornaments.


By means of beads it is possible to vypletat not only simple geometrical patterns, but also letters of which it is possible to make any words and names. It is easy to find schemes of ready letters of English and the Russian alphabet in the Internet – both for direct, and for mosaic weaving.


Being verified with the scheme, in the course of creation of a bauble interweave biserina of a contrast color which will create letters and words. The sketch of weaving of alphabetic patterns can also be drawn on paper in advance and to string the necessary set a biserinok of one and other color on a needle according to the thought-over scheme.


The weaving technique in this case will not differ from the above described – you only change a pattern which will be interwoven the same as was described above.