How to count a preferential experience

How to count a preferential experience

The preferential experience gives the chance to receive early labor pension, and also preferential provision of pensions. The preferential experience is given to citizens who work in heavy and harmful working conditions, for example, in coal mines, to health workers, teachers.

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Calculation of a preferential experience is legislatively fixed in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 11.07.2002 No. 516 "About the approval of rules of calculation of the periods of the work granting the right for early purpose of a labor old-age pension according to articles 27 and 28 of the Federal law "About labor pensions in the Russian Federation"". According to the Resolution the preferential experience joins the periods of holidays (as the main, and additional), and also the periods of temporary disability of the citizen. Administrative holiday is not set off in a preferential experience.


To define, whether you have the right for preferential pension or not, open the Federal law "About labor pensions in the Russian Federation" and find point characterizing your activity in which it will be specified, how many calendar years there you had to work in these conditions to have opportunity to retire ahead of schedule.


Consider that if you worked at several works granting the right for early retirement, these periods of works can be summarized. For this purpose on stated in Rules of calculation of the periods of the work granting the right for early purpose of labor pension to the serial list define, whether the periods of your works are summarized.


Be convinced that during work you had no periods when you worked part-time or incomplete working week – in this case the preferential experience can be calculated only according to archival sheets as it is considered not in a calendar order, and on actually hours worked.


At calculation of your preferential experience, do not forget to consider also time of mezhduvakhtovy rest during the work as a shift method, the test period at employment and the periods of vocational training or retraining, and also that underground work is considered every year for 1 year and 3 months, and every year works in especially severe conditions provided by the special List – in 9 months.


To find out the preferential seniority precisely, address in the Pension Fund in a place of your residence. Surely provide such documents as the pension insurance certificate, the passport, the service record, references of the organizations where you worked or archival references, the military ID then to you will help to specify and consider the entire periods of work, including works in severe and unhealthy conditions in PF.