How to choose apples

How to choose apples

On counters of shops the set of different grades of apples is presented. How to understand this variety how to choose fruit which will be useful to health in which the greatest number of vitamins remained?

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Choosing apples to a table, resolve at first the first issue — there will be it apples domestic or import? No doubt, import fruits it is more beautiful. They large, brilliant, are pleasing to the eye bulk barrels. However beautiful gloss — this special chemical covering from preservatives and antibiotics, necessary in order that apples transferred flight and more long remained. If you preferred such fruit, at least do not forget to cut off a thin skin.

It is possible to add one more argument in favor of domestic apples. The content of vitamins B is higher than them, than in import colleagues. In order that fruits transferred long transportation, them generally collect not ripened, they redden already on the way, and very many fruit for formation of useful substances needs ripening on a branch.


Further examine appearance of apples. It is better if on color they correspond to the grade. I.e. if generally the grade of apples assumes yellow color, do not try to discover fruits with red barrels. The more naturally, the more usefully.


Be convinced that apple is not damaged that on it there are no the dents or specks specifying about a fruit illness. The damaged apple will not be stored. And to pay money, and then to cut out "barrels" - not really reasonably. Good apple has to be strong, firm to the touch and without dark stains.


If there is an opportunity — consider apple on a cut. Pay attention that at ripe fruit of a stone have to be brown. White sunflower seeds or partially brown specify that apple did not ripen yet.
All know that apple among fruit — one of main suppliers of iron. Be convinced that the fruit cut quickly becomes covered by a red raid. It indicates the high content of iron in apple.


By the way, smell apple. It has to have pleasant "apple" aroma. If does not smell, so unfortunately, contains chemistry then there is nothing to think of advantage.