How to sell the tank

How to sell the tank

In trade there is one simple rule: each goods have the buyer. The most important – to find it. This law works for all goods, using it, it is possible to sell anything, even the tank. By the way, tanks are of very great value among collectors of antiques – if you know where to find the tank which is not belonging to anybody you can earn not bad on its sale.

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First of all pay attention to the Russian-speaking and English-speaking forums devoted to sale of antiques and military rarities. Place the announcement of sale of the tank, surely put a photo that the buyer saw goods in a face and knew that it really exists.


Address to the companies which are engaged in buying up of antiques. In rare instances the Russian companies will offer you really good price, address to the companies which are located abroad.

For this purpose translate the text with the description of the tank into English and dispatch it both on e-mail addresses, and to postal addresses of such companies. Those companies which seriously are interested in the similar offer, will be able to find both the translator, and time to examine the tank, time should not spend for the others.


Place the announcement of sale of the tank at auction, such as ebay. Specify that transport and all other expenses will lie on the buyer, surely apply a tank photo.

The best option – to quote the price which you want to receive for it, starting. In this case you can get really good profit on the transaction.