How to restore Mozillu

How to restore Mozillu

Mozilla Firefox – the appendix intended for work on the Internet. The browser can keep the magazine of the sites visited by you, store addresses of the resources added to "Bookmarks", besides, you can adjust its look at own discretion. If you need to restore the browser and its settings, it is necessary to consider some details.

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If the Mozilla FireFox browser is removed from your computer, and the adjusting file was not saved, load it from the Internet. For this purpose start any available observer and visit the website to the address http://mozilla-russia .org (or visit the English-speaking official site). Press the Download button (Download), specify a directory for saving of the file and wait for the end of loading.

Start the adjusting file and, following instructions of "The master of installation", install the application on the computer. After that click Mozilla Firefox label to start the browser. If you created a backup copy of "Bookmarks", import them in the observer. Import and export of bookmarks is carried out as follows.

For export of the magazine select the Show All Bookmarks item in the Bookmarks menu. The window "Library" will open. In the Import and Reservation menu choose one of points: "Backup" or "Export of bookmarks to the HTML file". In the first case the file in the .json format, in the second case – in the .html format will be created. Specify a directory for saving of the file and press the Keep button.

To import bookmarks, open a window "Library" in the described way and choose one of teams in the Import and Reservation menu: Or "to Restore" "Import of bookmarks from the HTML file". Specify a directory in which the file with bookmarks is saved, and press the Open button or the Enter key.

The way of information processing on Internet pages is set through the Tools menu and the Control point. Move on tabs and note a marker all parameters necessary to you. When stop restoring habitual settings, press the OK button that they came into force.

To return to the browser former registration, you have to be registered on the site to the address (additions for Mozilla Firefox) and to have the folder with own selection of skins. Become authorized on the site and choose that option of registration which is necessary to you from the collection. Also you can always choose on the site a new subject or wall-paper for the browser.

If you used any expansions, again establish them from the site designated in the previous step. For management of additions click in the Tools menu the Additions point. On a new tab choose the section "Expansions" in the left part and adjust each addition for own discretion.