How to clean sulfuric traffic jams

How to clean sulfuric traffic jams

Ears of the person are arranged in such a way that are well cleared. Cera whom many perceive as dirt, actually acoustical pass protects. It leaves an ear during chewing, cough or sneezing. To get rid of sulfuric traffic jams, it is recommended to address to the doctor. However, as a last resort, it is possible and in house conditions.

It is required to you

- peroxide of hydrogen or drop A-tserumen;
- a big syringe without needle or the syringe

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The sulfuric stopper is the lump of sulfur mixed with dust and the become horny cages which you, most likely, pushed through a Q-tip deep into of acoustical pass. Having corked it, the stopper causes the mass of unpleasant feelings – pressure, a congestion and noise in an ear, decrease in hearing, a resonance of your own voice which amplify at hit in acoustical pass of water. Sometimes these symptoms are so strong that the person appears not to wait for the help of the doctor in forces. In this case it is necessary to pull out a sulfuric stopper.

Lay down sideways so that the ear with a stopper was from above. Zakapayte in acoustical pass some drops of 3 percent peroxide of hydrogen or A-tserumen which can be bought in a drugstore. Lie down in this provision of 10 minutes. During procedure you will feel hissing in an ear, it means that the sulfuric stopper is dissolved. Then take a big syringe without needle or the small syringe and a warm stream of water wash out acoustical pass. If the stopper was small, one procedure usually is enough. Old or very deep stopper will demand several approaches.

Independently it is impossible to clear ears of sulfuric traffic jams at otitises, perforation of an eardrum, existence in it of the shunt or in the first year after its removal. Refer children's age till 2,5 years to contraindications and existence of an allergy to the preparation A-tserumen components specified in the instruction.