How to knit double knitting

How to knit double knitting

The products executed by double knitting look not only originally, they are warmer and softer, besides they bilateral, so, and it is possible to carry them as two different clothes. Such effect is reached thanks to a special way of knitting – it call either double knitting, or a hollow elastic band when in each row provyazyvat only front loops, and back simply remove (in other option in the first row match only front, back act, and in the second – provyazyvatsya back, and front act). It only at first sight seems difficult - in practice everything quite simply.

It is required to you

Spokes on a scaffold
Yarn of two flowers or two types

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Gather necessary quantity of loops on spokes. Do not forget that double knitting requires even quantity of loops, plus 2 edging.


It is necessary to knit a product according to the scheme: 1 loop of a provyazan front, 1 – is removed back, not provyazyvy, the thread thus has to be "before work".


However to create a two-color elastic band, it is necessary to alternate on 2 rows of different flowers, that is to knit according to the scheme: first row: 1 loop a front, 1 loop is removed back not provyazyvy, a thread "before work"; second row: 1 loop is removed front not provyazyvy, thus the thread is "behind work", 1 back.


For creation of a bilateral cloth, the scheme of knitting changes a little: at first a row matches one, and then second thread, conditionally they can be divided into the main and auxiliary. The main will be that from which the background of a product matches, auxiliary – a pattern thread.

The set of loops occurs the main thread. The quantity of loops also has to be even, however they have to be twice more, than it is necessary on drawing.

Provyazhit the 1st row according to the standard scheme stated above: 1 front, 1 back. Further draw all loops on the right spoke and having bound an auxiliary thread, provyazhit it the same row according to the scheme: To remove 1 front loop, a thread "behind work", 1 back to provyazat.

2nd row: provyazhit a number of the main thread on drawing, then draw a cloth on a free spoke and provyazhit the same row an auxiliary thread: the back loop is removed without provyazyvaniye (a thread "before work"), the front loop provyazyvatsya.

The subsequent ranks match according to the first two, to a t.a all odd ranks match as the 1st row, all even – as the 2nd row.

As a result at you the product which one party will be one color, and another – another has to turn out.


If you want to knit a pattern: during knitting the main thread remove the necessary front loop in a front row not provyazyvy, and provyazyvat it in the same row an auxiliary thread. Too most it is possible to make with a back loop in a back row.