How not to be late

How not to be late

The person who appreciates personal and others' time, is not able to afford to be late. Regardless of importance of the forthcoming meeting or action, it is necessary to calculate the opportunities so that to arrive to a place in the appointed time. For this purpose it is necessary to consider the factors influencing your punctuality.

It is required to you

- hours;
- daily log;
- handle;
- phone.

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If excessive load is the main reason of regular delay, learn accurately, literally on minutes, to plan the working day or week. Write down in detail all important meetings and actions which you have to visit. Consider that you will need some time for reaching from one place in another. Carry out the daily analysis of the schedule of the forthcoming meetings. Use function of electronic reminders on the mobile phone. It will significantly reduce risk of delay and probability incidentally to forget about important action.

It is possible to avoid delay, having added in the plan by time which you assume to spend for negotiations or the road, 10-15 minutes. This small stock will significantly increase chances to arrive to the destination in time, despite the arisen hitches.

Correctly organize collecting. Prepare clothes, footwear and necessary documents since evening. Try to think over details of awakening and a breakfast in advance not to spend for it precious minutes in the morning. For the same reason do not check before leaving e-mail, especially if you can sit in front of the computer, having forgotten about time. Remember timely replenishment of a gasoline tank of your car not to be late for an important meeting, standing in a queue on gas station.

There is one cunning forcing the person to be prompter. To be in time for work or study in time, put clock for 10-15 minutes ahead. It will not allow you to relax and will force to gather much quicker.

The system of encouragement and punishments will help to develop punctuality. However this method is effective for people with will power and rather high level of self-checking. For example, for each delay for work, carry out clear-out of the room. The week spent without delay is rewarded by a campaign at cinema or bowling. Gradually you will be involved in the mode and will cease to be late, and need for similar motivation will disappear.