What to put in a decorative kitchen garden?

What to put in a decorative kitchen garden?
On a small site it is possible to combine spicy, herbs and flowers. Such decorative kitchen garden will be not only beautiful, but also useful – near at hand always fresh greens, and at the right time – and a green drugstore.

Basil – grades of this spicy plant differ on color of leaves and aroma, but all of them are very decorative.
Barkhattsa – are useful both to people, and to plants, and to the soil. Inflorescences use as spice, barkhatets disinfect the soil.
Borago (cucumber grass) has a smell and taste of a fresh cucumber, during blossoming is very decorative, flowers can be zasakharivat and used for decoration of desserts.
Calendula – curative properties are known for everything. But it helps not only to people, infusion of a calendula is used at treatment of mushroom diseases of plants, the calendula disinfects the soil.
Cat's mint (kotovnik) – all plant is very decorative. Caesious leaves favourably look on a green background, the kotovnik white, pink or lilac flowers blossoms. The grade with a lemon smell (a lemon kotovnik) is especially appreciated.
Lyubistok – a plant both medicinal and spicy. It is appreciated a peculiar aroma and taste and decorative rassechenny leaves.
Nasturtium big – flowers and immature seeds add to salads and to meat dishes.
The hyssop medicinal – is three forms – with white, pink and blue flowers. Add to a pickles, to potatoes, meat, fish and haricot dishes.
Handrail the shrubby – is decorative thanks to purple coloring of leaves, has very pleasant aroma of cinnamon. Young leaves add to salads.
The thyme and mint – these plants have to be obligatory. Tea, salads, desserts, meat, fish dishes with addition of spicy herbs develop a pleasant taste.