How to prepare a pig entirely

How to prepare a pig entirely
How to prepare a pig entirely

The pig prepared entirely - a traditional festive dish. Bake it in an oven with a stuffing from giblets, buckwheat cereal and champignons. Such dish will not leave indifferent the most refined gourmet.

The preparation time of 28 minutes is required to you a carcass of a dairy pig; pork heart; pork liver; 1 kg of buckwheat; 300 g of champignons; 2 bulbs; vegetable oil; salt. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Pig Entirely" How to prepare the stuffed pumpkin How to cook manti How to prepare pork with a stuffing


Prepare a stuffing. Wash out pork heart and a liver under a stream of cold water, put in a pan. Fill in giblets with cold water and leave them for 3-4 hours. Then get from a pan and wash out once again.

Put a liver and heart in a pan. Pour in it waters so that it completely covered giblets. Close a pan a cover and put on fire.

Uncover with pans when its contents begin to boil. A spoon collect foam from broth. Reduce fire and continue to cook giblets to readiness. In the course of cooking they need to be salted.

Lay out ready giblets on a plate, cool them and small cut.

Touch 300 g of champignons and wash out them. Small cut mushrooms and fry them on vegetable oil.

Clear 2 bulbs. Cut them and slightly fry with addition of a small amount of vegetable oil.

Cook buckwheat cereal. In 1,7 liters of the boiling water to a vsypta of 1 kg of buckwheat. Bring pan contents to boiling, reduce fire and cook porridge to readiness.

Mix buckwheat cereal, the fried mushrooms, onions and the crushed giblets. The stuffing is ready.

Wash out a carcass of the drawn, singed dairy pig. Dry a paper towel.

Rub a carcass salt from within and fill with a stuffing. 11 Sew up a section on an abdominal cavity with a severe thread. 12 Oil a pig completely vegetable and put on a baking sheet a back up. Turn in legs. 13 Wrap up a food foil ears and the snout of a pig that they did not scorch. 14 Put a baking sheet with the stuffed pig in the oven warmed to 180 degrees. Fry it till light brown color. From time to time water a pig with the fat melted when roasting. 15 Lay out the ready stuffed pig on a dish. Decorate it with fresh greens and vegetables. Bon appetit!