What privileges the Russian Railway can cancel

What privileges the Russian Railway can cancel

Today school students and students during academic year can go by trains of the Russian Railway with a 50 percent discount that allows them to save not bad. These privileges are financed by the state, since January 1, 2013 compensation can be cancelled.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on a subject "What privileges can cancel the Russian Railway" How to issue a discount card How to issue the transport card That such the social card In August, 2012 on the site of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the project of the main directions of the budgetary policy for 2013-2015 was placed. The state plans to refuse support of preferential journey of pupils in the suburban message, and also in distant following in the general and couchette cars. Directly it is not told about it, but measures for "reduction of budgetary appropriations on compensation of losses in the income of the organizations of railway transport" are offered.

The representative of the press service of the Russian Railway Gennady Verkhovykh declared that the Russian Railway alarmed arisen situation and considers necessary to keep privileges for school and university students of full-time tuition. However the Russian Railway does not find it possible to finance privileges at own expense.

Undoubtedly, it is about big money, but also JSC RZhD cannot call the modest organization. Having appeared in position of the monopolist, the Russian Railway itself establishes tariffs and gets huge profits. At the same time citizens pay taxes and have the right to hope for care of the state of such socially unprotected sectors of society, as school and university students. Than dispute between the company monopolist and the Ministry of Finance will end, will show time.

Earlier the top officials of the country declared that the journey problem for pupils needs to be solved, only at the end of 2011 the president Dmitry Medvedev urged the regional authorities to meet requirements of students. Before elections privileges to pupils of some regions in which before them was not were provided, there was a discount of 50% for journey on the top shelves not only within academic year, but also during summer and winter vacation.

The question of cancellation of travel privileges raised today crosses out even these small achievements. First of all, cancellation of special tariffs will strike on the families having modest prosperity. Many will be compelled to refuse education in other city, there will be a social tension in society.