How to open the charitable organization

How to open the charitable organization

The charitable organization is the non-profit organization created for creation of the public benefits in various spheres. Depending on activity, association is more whole and number of participants such organizations can have various organizational and legal forms. However all of them are united by one – desire to help the needing.

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Define the purposes by which you are guided, creating the charitable organization. Despite of that similar forms of ownership do not pursue commercial the aims, some future politicians raise thus the rating among potential voters as direct support of parties is not charity. But it is possible that creating such organization, you really want to help needing to which number once belonged also. Quite often such funds are created and in memory of untimely deceased people.


Choose activity for the organization. Depending on future field of activity, you should choose also a legal form of your enterprise (fund, association, association, establishment and so forth). Besides, organizing some of them, you will be able to be engaged in commercial activity but only provided that all sums received by you will go to charitable needs.


Develop the charter of your organization, proceeding from the purposes and activities. Hold meeting of founders and put the charter to the vote. Collect all data on founders.


Address to tax authorities and having submitted all documents, register the legal entity, receive EGRYuL and codes of Rosstat, issue the press. Pay attention: the charitable organizations are exempted not from all taxes. So they should pay the VAT in a full size from the income gained from business, directed on charitable needs. At the same time, income gained from other sources is not assessed with taxes.


Rent the suitable room for office. Choose the room in the downtown or in the building of office center. The offices of charity foundations located in unsuccessful areas or in the country do not promote increase of reputation of the organizations. Register the name of the organization in Rospatent.


Address to office of FRS at Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for registration of the charitable organization. You will be asked to submit the following documents:

- application for registration (in duplicate);
- the original and 2 copies of the charter certified by the notary;
- data on founders (in duplicate);
- protocol of the constituent assembly (2 certified copies);
- the letter of guarantee from the lessor;
- for the organizations not below the all-Russian level – protocols of conferences, congresses and so forth;
- the documents confirming your right to use the name of the organization.


Receive the certificate on registration of your organization in office of FRS at Ministry of Justice not later than in 30 days.