How to pay the electronic ticket

How to pay the electronic ticket

Popularity of electronic tickets steadily grows. More and more passengers prefer not to spend excess time for acquisition of these travel documents in ticket offices. Now to issue the train or plane ticket it is possible in some minutes, without leaving the house. To pay the electronic ticket also very simply, for this purpose there is a number of ways.

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Today more and more the companies which are engaged in passenger traffic offer the clients electronic tickets. Their advantages are obvious: possibility of the order, registration and payment, without leaving the house, economy of forces and time, safety of all procedures. Now there are three main options of payment of electronic tickets: cash, by means of the cash card or electronic money.

To pay the electronic ticket, it needs to be issued and ordered. For this purpose on the site of the company select dates of a trip, points of departure and appointments, a desirable place in salon, its class of comfort. After that the system will request passport data of the passenger. Attentively enter information - for correction of the mistake made by you the company has the right to demand an additional fee. After the ticket is issued, the system will automatically redirect you to a payment stage. As a rule, today are most often used cash payment or by means of the cash card. Possibility of payment in electronic money meets less often.

Cash payment usually occurs after delivery of listing of the ticket by the courier. Attentively check all data on the form - in case of a mistake you can not be passed on landing. If you pay withIf you pay with the cash card the system will direct you to a special payment form where it will be necessary to enter a name of the card holder, its number, validity period and the special confirming number.

To pay the ticket with electronic money, choose this way among all offered. Depending on type of electronic money the system will create the account and will redirect you to the set payment gateway. Confirm payment and wait for the system notice of its successful completion.

After payment on the specified e-mail address you receive the ticket which is necessary to be unpacked and shown only when landing together with the passport.