How to construct a windmill

How to construct a windmill

Today it is unlikely someone will begin to use a windmill, after all it was replaced for a long time by modern technologies and the latest equipment. However nevertheless the requirement of production of this sort of the device arises. As a rule, windmills are used as decorative construction at dacha or a personal plot, near farms or other agricultural combines and grounds. The mill is a beautiful decorative element and quite practical construction where it is possible to store, for example, construction or garden stock.

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Perform works on deepening of the base. It is necessary to deepen approximately on 60-70 cm, and then to put a brick socle on a deepening place. Sheathe a socle wooden whetstones with a section 50 at 100 mm.

Make a framework of sheets of steel dimensions 80 on 120 and on 270 cm. It is best of all to weld 50 by 50 mm from a corner.
Sheathe it a wooden bar of section 40 on 40 mm. It is whenever possible possible to fix on bars lining by means of ordinary self-tapping screws.

Establish a steel framework on a socle.
Cover wood inside and outside with special impregnation to protect it from moisture and the various weather phenomena. It is necessary to put impregnation in some layers (the first – a primer, two second – a varnish and primary color). Warm a mill polyfoam from within and sheathe plywood.

Make of wooden bars the bearing roof design over a framework. Lay a continuous obreshetka on rafter system. For this purpose it is possible to use the remained lining. Cover an obreshetka with roofing material in two layers, then lay any, the roofing material chosen by you.

Pass to production of the screw after the design of a mill is ready. Take two powerful rolling bearings and a three-quarter axis.

Collect mill blades. It is possible to make them of usual wooden bars with section 50 on 50 mm, and also of levels of 20 by 40 mm.

Fasten blades by means of self-tapping screws and fix a wind mill, in the place provided for this purpose.

The wind mill is ready. It is not possible to grind grain in it, of course, and here to watch the movement of blades during a wind very interestingly. Moreover, in this mill it is possible to arrange, for example, a summer shower or as it was already noted, to store garden stock, toys, etc.

However, it is possible to establish also millstones, but it is independently inexpedient to do them, it is better to get circles in household shop, and the reporting device in the automobile.