What to do if rocks to sleep in transport?

What to do if rocks to sleep in transport?
The state when in way there is a dizziness, weakness and nausea is familiar to many people. How to consult with these a state?

Each person, especially children till 10 years, pregnant women, people with diseases of a digestive tract and cardiovascular system is subject to Ukachivany to a greater or lesser extent.

Modern medical means from an ukachivaniye and soothing preparations will help to cope with this state. Before going to a way, it is necessary to have a rest, before the road it is impossible to overeat, but also to start on the journey on a hungry stomach it is also not recommended.

On the way with nausea juice and drinks will help to cope with sour taste, sour fruit and mint sugar candies. It is better to sit in the bus in the direction of travel. It is necessary to look forward afar, but not in a lateral window since messing around strengthens feeling of nausea. When there is a feeling of nausea, it is necessary to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Nausea will be constrained by fresh air therefore in transport it is necessary to open windows or to include ventilation.

Also it is recommended to carry out the exercises strengthening a vestibular mechanism – to do turns, inclinations, rotations by the head and the case, etc.