What in Greece there are superstitions

What in Greece there are superstitions

The Greek superstitions are invariable part of history and traditions of this country. In a certain degree the culture of the state and the relation of inhabitants to life therefore acquaintance to them can be informative and interesting are put into them.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What in Greece there are Superstitions" How to learn the manufacturing country on a bar code How to determine the region by number How to learn goods on a bar code Practically all Greeks trust in an evil eye which can bring misfortune. Therefore they try not to praise strongly someone's progress, beauty or health – to be afraid that can maleficiate. And that it did not occur, many of them carry with themselves the small amulet saving the owner. It can be a bracelet or a pendent with the drawn blue eye or a bead of blue color. And as a charm the stone flying mice is used. However, to kill this small animal it is considered an omen of misfortune.

One more way from a malefice - garlic. To protect the shelter, Greeks hang up a linking of garlic in one of house corners. Also they often cry out its name (Skorda!), when the interlocutor starts paying many compliments.

When residents of Greece say at the same time same word, they surely shout "Piase kokkino!" that means "Touch the red!". Naturally, they have to touch any red subject which is on proximity right there. It becomes in order that between people there was no quarrel.

The knife at Greeks, by the way, is also considered a harbinger of the conflicts. Therefore they never hand over it. Bringing a knife, the Greek will surely put it on a table before the asking.

Greeks love and to spit out away three times when hear unpleasant, sad news or, on the contrary, too many compliments in the address. It becomes, besides, for protection against a malefice.

In Greece also black cat and the priest seen in one day are considered as an omen of misfortune. Though the believing Greeks very much respect the last and at a meeting surely kiss to it a hand. And day of an evil ghost in the country the 13th, only not Friday, but Tuesday is recognized.

In front of the Greek houses the cactus protecting the dwelling from different troubles the prickles often grows. And being undressed, Greeks never overturn footwear a sole is brings misfortune up. If such incidentally occurred, they right there will shout "Skorda!" it is also spitted out three times to ward off disaster.