How to remove Windows Vista from the laptop

How to remove Windows Vista from the laptop

Sometimes the system preset on the laptop for one reason or another does not suit the user. Windows Vista is very exacting to resources and works noticeably more slowly than other operating systems. Therefore there is a need for its removal and installation of less resource-intensive OS.

It is required to you

- the removable hard drive or a flash card for saving of data;
- image of the Partition magic program;
- a flash card for the record Partition Magic

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Before removal keep all the important data on the external hard drive or a flash card since in the course of installation all data will be irrevocably removed.


Further it is necessary to prepare a loading flash card with the program which will help to format the hard drive. The most convenient utility for this purpose is Partition Magic. Download an image of a loading diskette of the appendix and keep it on a disk. Load the FlashBoot program which will create loading sector on a flash card and will help to write down an image. Start it and follow helps of the master of installation.


In the Choose disk creation type menu choose "Create bootable flash disk as a copy of floppy disk". Specify a way to the file of an image, choose the connected flash card, specify the USB Flash format. Press the Finish button then the image will be written down in loading sector of the carrier.


Connect a flash card to the computer, establish in BIOS loading with USB Flash (the section Boot Menu though its name depends on the producer of the motherboard and the version BIOS is responsible for it). Keep changes by pressing of the F10 key. Reboot.


Further there will be a window of the Partition Magic program. Right-click on a peculiar sensor which shows some data of the hard drive. Further choose "Format". In the opened window specify the NTFS parameter in "Partition Type". Press OK.


If on a disk there is not marked area, it is necessary to create appropriate section. For this purpose pass into the Create menu, having pressed the right key on the chosen area. In the field of "Create as" choose "Primary Partition" (if the allocated area it is planned to use as a system disk). Specify NTFS in the Partition Type point. Press Apprx. the Section it is created.


Then it is necessary to accept all made changes by means of the Apply button in the bottom of a program window. After that it is possible to consider system completely remote and it is possible to pass directly to installation of an operating system.