How to celebrate birthday in 2 years

How to celebrate birthday in 2 years

Parents think of a holiday of the second birthday not less much and responsibly, than for the first time. Your child became smyshleny, more inquisitively, learned to express the thoughts, emotions. The kid in 2 years already quite can independently play well, he starts speaking and reaching for contemporaries.

One of elements of knowledge of the world very pleasant and impressive, is the holiday. With what to begin this quite troublesome action?

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The first step to such celebration, certainly, is its preparation. Consider the scenario of the holiday and a place of its carrying out. It can be a house sit-round gathering with relatives, or with other invited children. The campaign in the children's entertaining centers with trampolines, hills will become cheerful pastime for kids. Usually there always music and is a lot of balloons.

Collect the company and invite home puppet theater or arrange it by means of other mothers. Choose the simple and available fairy tale, such as "Kolobok", "the Chicken of Ryaba", "Turnip".

You should not start simply a sit-round gathering at a table. Play with kids the developing games, for example, "Guess an animal". The adult publishes an animal voice, and the child guesses it and shows on the picture. Game in "Engine" will be cheerful. All participants are built in an engine, sit down on hunkers and represent the creeping caterpillar. At the command of the leader she that gets up, to sit down, starts washing, that is, to stretch.

Trying that it was not boring and interesting to children, do not forget about gifts for all little guests. It can be pleasant trifles in the form of balls, books, stickers and other.


After you decided on a venue of a holiday and its scenario, there comes time to think over decoration of the room. Effectively garlands, balloons, decorative butterflies, flowers look. It is possible to draw wall newspapers in the form of a caterpillar or an engine where you will paste a photo of your kid.

Do not hurry right after a prosypaniye of the child to give it gifts. At first show it jewelry, tell that all this appeared today's night. The next half an hour the kid will attentively examine surprises, to throw up balls.

After that it is possible to start and gifts.


The best gift to the child for 2 years, undoubtedly, is the toy. Boys will be glad to machines, the designer with large details, to a set of plastic tools. The girl can buy a doll, furniture for it, a carriage, kitchen with ware.

The book with fairy tales, animal, the childish board games, mosaics and other toys developing thinking and a small motility of the kid will be a successful gift.