Where in medicine the lavender is applied?

Where in medicine the lavender is applied?
Flowers of a lavender have strong aroma thanks to what this plant is widely applied in perfumery. In medicine the lavender too finds the application.

The smell of a lavender works in a calming way. It is capable to help at sleeplessness, at whining moods. Broth of a lavender helps to eliminate a skin peeling. That is remarkable, self-made broth (lavandovy water) it is possible to wipe a face of any type of skin, and fat and dry and combined.
The lavender helps to get rid of migraine (headache).
The lavender is applied at treatment of a vaginit and cystitis. Still it possesses diuretic action.
Broths with a lavender it is possible to clean an organism from slag.
It is excellent antidepressant.
It is possible to treat by means of essential lavandovy oil the sore inflamed joints. Thus oil needs to be insisted on alcohol, and then to grease and pound painful joints (at rheumatism).
The broth prepared from flowers of a lavender mixes up in equal proportions with camomile flowers decoction, good bronchitis medicine as a result turns out and still mix of these broths helps to treat voice "osiplost".
With a lavender it is possible to take baths, they will work soothingly. It is possible to add both the fresh and dried flowers to a bathtub, it is possible to add not flowers, and essential oil of a lavender, effect will be the same.