How to go to the decree before 30 weeks

How to go to the decree before 30 weeks

The pregnancy period at each woman proceeds differently. In the legislation of the Russian Federation it is stated that only from 30th week of pregnancy the woman can go to the decree. However, for many reasons for some pregnant women it is necessary to go on lawful leave before the put term therefore they begin search of different ways and solutions of this problem.

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Almost each woman passes through such state as pregnancy. One women without problems reach work, spend the put hours there and with ease go home. Others during incubation of the kid feel huge fatigue; last problems with health become aggravated, there are hypostases, a tone and pressure. Often there are situations when the woman needs drug treatment or even stay in a hospital. Pregnancy is a huge load of an organism with which it is necessary to cope.


Normally proceeding pregnancy lasts about 280 days or 40 weeks. According to Art. 255 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation women according to their statement are granted a maternity leave lasting 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 calendar days after the delivery (in case of one-fetal pregnancy). I.e. the woman goes to the decree on the 30th week of pregnancy.

There are some ways to go to the decree before the put term.


In the presence of problems with health register in reception to the local therapist and complain of feeling sick. The doctor will write out the sick-list, allowing not to come lawfully to work. If there is any concrete disease, it is possible to address to the narrowly targeted expert: to the cardiologist, neuropathologist, etc.


At difficult proceeding pregnancy, threat of an abortion or other problems address to the gynecologist observing your pregnancy. It will be able to send you to a hospital for treatment or supervision over a condition of a fruit. Upon termination of treatment in a hospital the sick-list is also issued.


Write the application on holiday. In compliance with Art. 260 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation before a maternity leave at the request of the woman it is granted the annual paid vacation irrespective of length of service at this employer. I.e. you are given opportunity "отгулять" a month more to 30 week terms of pregnancy.


If you have senior children till 14 years, in case of an illness of the child the local pediatrician will be able to give out to you the sick-list on care of the child at any time, is not dependent on pregnancy term.

Anyway, the woman independently or by means of the attending physician will be able to resolve an issue of earlier leaving in the decree. After all here the tranquillity of the woman and the healthy, full-term child always is priority.