As receive aluminum

As receive aluminum

Aluminum belongs to light metals. The main thing aluminum ores are nephelines, bauxites and alumstones.

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Receive aluminum in the technological way including two main stages: production of alumina from small ore of aluminum and further receiving light metal from alumina.

Alumina represents a crystal oxide from aluminum. Alumina can be received, applying three methods: alkaline, acid and electrolytic. It is considered the most widespread an alkaline method which was opened by Bayer and in the future received naming Bayer process. At first small ore of aluminum heat autoclaves with the help, adding natry then allow aluminum ore to cool down. Further allocate from liquid a firm deposit the called "red slime". Then from this solution receive a hydroxide of aluminum and at once calcinate it to remove pure alumina.

The cleared oxide of light metal is subjected to electrolysis. During reaction it melts, breaking up to separate components. As a result of electrolysis aluminum, the making about a quarter of initial weight of bauxite is emitted.

Alumina has the second name corundum, as a mineral. Now crystals of jeweler corundum make in the artificial way, however in the nature it is still possible to meet natural stones. As a rule, corundum is used in fire-resistant material.

Receive aluminum by secondary processing of scrap. Various deviations which include iron oxide, aluminum, the titan and many other metals become result of the majority of the large aluminum enterprises. Such waste received the name - red slimes which contain a large number of valuable components, allocation of the majority of them can be quite profitable production. However now the given process has big financial expenses therefore slime is stored in well isolated territories. Take away it because red slime from which the aluminum oxide is allocated, contains big concentration of alkali and constitutes huge danger to all surrounding nature, including the person: at contact with skin starts it corroding.