How to adjust the Safari

How to adjust the Safari

Safari - one of the most innovative browsers created by the Apple company - the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air developer. Full disclosure of all advantages of Safari is possible only on computers with Mac OS, but the Safari 4 version for the Windows operating system is adequately capable to show approach of developers.

It is required to you

- Safari 4 for Windows.

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Open the Internet page intended for performance of a role house.


Open the main Safari menu and pass into the Control point for performance of operation of installation of a homepage.


Choose the Main tab and press the Current Page button in the section "Homepage".


Apply a tag in the field "In a new tab in the current window" in the section "Open Links from Programs" to use of the tabs allowing to avoid opening of numerous windows of the browser.


Use the intellectual entry field of the address for instant viewing of the most probable option of the address.


Estimate advantages of an intellectual field of the search allowing to receive the automatic helps received by means of the Google Suggest technology.


Press the button with the image of the page (to the right of a field of intellectual search) for a call of the menu of the page allowing to open new tabs, to run for search on the page, to print out the page and so forth.


Press the button with the image of a gear which is in the right top corner of a window of the browser for a call of the menu of the Safari settings, examine the offered options.


Pass into the Adjust a Toolbar point and drag necessary buttons in toolbar area.


Press the Top Sites button allowing to look through graphics of pages of the visited sites and adjust it to the taste, having fixed the chosen pages in a grid.


Use the Cover Flow function for viewing of the web pages visited earlier and search of necessary contents even without storing of the necessary sites.


Use the Change Scale button for possibility of increase/reduction of the text and graphics on the chosen pages.


Include the Private Access mode for ensuring confidentiality of Internet surfing. In this mode the history of visit of web pages does not remain, and the cookies files and a cache are removed.