In a WC advantage of linseed oil?

In a WC advantage of linseed oil?
Where and how linseed oil is applied? In what useful properties of this oil?

Oil of seeds of flax is made by cold pressing. Linseed oil is a source such vitamin as: And, B, E, F. Contain in this oil potassium and to ten percent of fatty nonsaturated acids. According to the contents the Omega-3 of fatty acids, linseed oil advances even cod-liver oil.

Linseed oil strengthens a metabolism in an organism, reduces cholesterol level, increases elasticity of blood vessels.

Linen oils well influences food system in general. Also this oil is capable to bring parasites out of an organism.

Linseed oil promotes acceleration of healing of wounds and yazvochek.

For women this oil has special value. Linseed oil (at daily reception) normalizes a hormonal background. It is especially useful to use this oil at pregnancy, it promotes the correct development of a brain in a fruit.

It is useful to drink linseed oil at a climax to women. For men this oil plays too not an unimportant role. Linseed oil strengthens blood circulation in a small basin and positively influences a potentiality.

Linseed oil can be drunk on one teaspoon in the mornings. It can be added to gas stations to vegetable salads, to add it to sauerkraut, to various porridges.