As it is beautiful to make a declaration of love to the girl

As it is beautiful to make a declaration of love to the girl

It is always pleasant to observe, men are ready to go to what unexpected acts to surprise the darling with the most sincere, most unusual declaration of love. For the sake of this pure feeling it is worth working that to the favourite lady this day was forever remembered.

It is required to you

- flowers.

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Before making happy the girl with the recognition, it is desirable to learn more about her. Not always improvisation turns out successful therefore in advance think over everything to trifles, consider as the bigger number of options of the course of events is possible. The better you will be prepared, the it will be simpler to strike to you the girl with the insight and care.

Choose a beautiful or unusual place for recognition. It is one of success components. The female pays a lot of attention to external surroundings while the sense of words which they hear is most important for men. But you should not draw from this a conclusion that the girl will take on trust everything that you will tell if round her there is a fantastic situation. That your plan was successfully carried out, first of all it is necessary to know preferences of the girl because not each of them comfortably will feel, for example, on a scene at strangers. In such cases its reaction can be absolutely opposite to that which is expected by you. Whatever recognition you prepared, any girl is predisposed to romanticism.

Buy a magnificent bouquet of flowers. It is a sure bet. Naturally, except those cases when the girl has on them an allergy. It is in advance necessary to learn its favourite flowers - with it you can be helped by her girlfriends. If information on the girl at you a minimum, always approach roses.

Try to avoid unnecessary trifles which the girl will hardly estimate. But after all it is necessary to surprise her. And the same effect of surprise will prevail. Important not that, how many you will spend for beautiful and original recognition, and that, how sincere will look your recognition.

Rehearse in advance the text which you have to say. Very frequent mistake of men during recognition is a lightness. Words which you will tell the girlfriend, have to go from heart, but at the same time your feelings should not be affected. If feel that worry, better and tell, and unclear laughter, incoherent words it seems "Well I it … as if … love you perhaps …" from outside cause suspicions that you sneer at it. Remember – nothing has to prevent you to do pleasant to the girl. Let she will remember it forever, as one of the lightest and happy moments of the life.