How to select fastenings for a snowboard

How to select fastenings for a snowboard

Characteristics of fastenings for a snowboard will have considerable impact on your ability to ride and learning ability. So style of your driving will be the main criterion which needs to be considered at selection of fastenings. Also you should not forget about convenience of fastenings and their cost. But you already will deal with these criteria.

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Soft fastenings are the most comfortable type of fastenings for driving. The snowboarders who chose the style freeride or freestyle usually use them. Such fastenings will allow you to feel a snowboard perfectly. Besides, they are rather flexible that allows to execute tricks and turns, various on complexity. However soft fastenings act quite hard and put on, and also insufficiently well support anklebones. Nevertheless, such fastenings let out both with low, and with middle and high back part. It provides different extent of support of Achilles tendons and an ankle.


It is very convenient to fasten and unfasten fastenings of Step-In. They are very convenient for beginners, allowing to control edgings of a snowboard. Convenience and ease in use predict to this type of fastenings the big future.


Rigid fastenings are not so convenient as fastenings of Step-In, but they are capable to provide the best support of feet, and are externally very similar to ski bindings. Rigid fastenings are preferred by fans of downhill racing and a serious carving. The general stability increases, you can do sharp turns, but here the feeling of a board is somehow lost.


And now we will carry out a small educational program on styles of driving on a snowboard:

Technical freestyle. The snowboarders who are fond of this style of driving most often meet on gentle "figured" slopes or on half-paypa. The majority of them once was engaged in active sports like food on rollers, a skateboard, the BMX bicycle.


The descent lift from the mountain on all its slope is called in the free way as freeride. It is style of driving of beginners, but snowboarders, already confident in the forces.


Frikarv (carving) develops fast rates. It is called quite often "the crossed driving". Many snowboarders who chose for themselves this style of driving were fond of skiing earlier.


The last style – racing. The name of style speaks for itself. Snowboarders racers need well-groomed and accurate, but longer slopes on which it is possible to be passed with a breeze, scarring on snow. These fans of snowboarding strenuously use edgings of a board.