How to make the drawing on the computer

How to make the drawing on the computer

The computer considerably simplified many areas of our life. Now SAPR (system of the automated design) is actively used in all areas of science and equipment. Design and creation of drawings by means of computer programs considerably increase labor productivity of engineers. Drawing of drawings on paper by means of a pencil, rulers and compasses practically consigned to the past. Now there are many programs by means of which it is possible to execute three-dimensional models and to make drawings.

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To make the drawing on the computer, it is necessary to be defined in what program you want it to do and to install this program on your computer. The principles of computer modeling and drawing are similar in all programs, but development and accustoming to each specific program will require time. Therefore try to choose that program which most of all suits you, to master it and further to work only in it.


Three leading programs in the field are CATIA v5, ProEngineer and Unigraphics. These programs have very ample opportunities of three-dimensional modeling and drawing, however their work requires the high-performance computer. These programs are focused on creation of three-dimensional models and a vprosledstviya creation on the basis of these models of drawings. And less exacting to productivity of the computer the following programs are simpler: AutoCAD, Solidworks and Compass. For simple drawings the AutoCAD program is most often used.


For creation of the drawing open the chosen program and create the new drawing. Further having chosen a drawing format, start drawing. In all programs there is a toolbar with the elementary operators (a point, the line, a circle). By means of these operators to be under construction the main geometry. There is also a toolbar with the advanced operators (cutting, mirror display, scaling). After creation of geometry by means of the panel putting down of the sizes the sizes on the drawing are put. Subsequently the drawing is printed out.