How to look stylishly on a photo

How to look stylishly on a photo

The photo since the very first moment of its origin found improbable popularity. Many people want to keep memories of last days at least on paper, and now in digital option on the computer. A good make-up and beautiful clothes - pledge of the successful photo.

It is required to you

- foundation;
- powder;
- lipstick;
- nail varnish;
- hairspray;
- clothes;
- shoes on heels.

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The main advice which photographers to models give, is properly to sleep before shooting. It is possible to clean roughnesses of skin the Photoshop program and to correct colors, but bruises and turgidities under eyes will not give you additional grace.


Do not do before shooting of cardinal change of image because the new hairdress can not suit you, and traces from an epilation will be superfluous in the beautiful photo. But if you dye hair, surely tint the grown roots. It is difficult to move away them the graphic editor.


Make the correct make-up for photographing. Do not go to far in brilliant shadows and powder, under flash of the camera they will carelessly look. It is best of all if you use services of the professional makeup artist. Then you with guarantee receive effective photos.


If you have no funds for the makeup artist, remember the important rule, - not enough cosmetics, than is better too much. Disguise inflammations a green concealer, apply on it the foundation close to your skin color and make up eyelids opaque beige shadows. Apply the extending ink on eyelashes. Emphasize cheeks with blush. Fix a make-up opaque powder. Surely take this powder with yourself in studio, there you often should mask gloss.


After you did a make-up, pick up clothes. The most advantageous photos of girls turn out, if they in dresses and shoes high-heeled. High heels it is underlined your symmetry and sexuality.


Decide on clothes style. If you want a romantic image, you will suit dresses, the developing skirts. The suit and a white blouse will help to create business image. Erotically girls in linen, stockings, translucent blouses will look in the photo. Do not mix too many flowers in a dress. Otherwise you it will not be simple noticeable among bright furniture. The ideal option is a dress or a white blouse, if you the brunette and a blue jacket, if you the blonde. Red girls extremely suit green and brown colors.


More interesting the photo if use bright accessories will turn out. Just here your imagination can allow to be played. A beads, brooches, hairpins, hats, rings, - all this will pertinently look in the photo.


Do not forget about manicure. Classical colors, - scarlet, beige, pink or a service jacket will emphasize beauty and grace of ladies' handles. Leave difficult manicure for other cases.


Descend in a sunbed one week prior to shooting. Then your skin will get a beautiful golden shade which will favourably emphasize your appearance.